Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ode To American English - Barbara Hamby

I have long felt that we do not speak English here, we speak American.  And now, after going to England, I am confirmed in that belief.  This poem addresses the idiosyncrasies that make American English different from proper English.  She mentions things like hot dogs and doowop, Valley Girls and "New Joisey", even Ebonics and Spanglish are brought up.  What I like about it is that none of these things are talked about negatively.  She seems to be embracing these language differences, states more than once how much she misses hearing them.  I completely agree with her.  It's lovely to listen to other languages, even accents, but there's nothing quite like the American accent to make you feel at home.  (Especially if you live in the South.)

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